Astral healing

Energy Clearing Meditation

This energy clearing meditation can be used to clear oneself or one’s space of any lower frequency, lower vibrational or unwanted energies. This practice ushers them to the Divine Light for healing and transmutation while honouring the lessons and offering deep gratitude as we clear and release for the benefit of all. This meditation is

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The Invitation

This guided meditation welcomes in the Divine chord of connection awakening our divine essence within.  Inviting God consciousness, Christ consciousness and Divine Holy Spirit to heal, transform and transmute all that we release into unconditional love. This simple and profound invitation is a beautiful and intentional daily practice that deepens our spiritual connection and anchors love’s purest

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Heart's Journey Meditation

Heart’s Journey Meditation Video

This guided meditation welcomes in Divine presence to move in the beautiful pathway of the heart’s expression of love and gratitude. Journey through the many gifts and blessings from your own life experience while being serenaded by crystal singing bowls and heavenly chimes. Written & Spoken by Juli Conard Music by Veronica Hyland Produced by

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Chakra Balancing Through Gratitude

Holding the frequency of Gratitude is extremely beneficial for many reasons.  It lowers blood pressure and decreases stress.  It increases our mood and our ability to relax.  Gratitude also strengthens our immune systems.  There is a trick to it though.  It isn’t enough to just say that we are thankful for something, we MUST feel

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We ARE Connected

  I am often asked how is it possible to offer distance Reiki, or distance healing – how can you impact or help someone without being in their presence? And what a challenging thing to explain. I am not a teacher of the laws of physics or well versed in quantum physics. It just works!

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The Magic Coffee

The Magic Coffee Today, for the first time in a long time, I finished my coffee, while it was still hot. I am at a cottage for a few days, all by myself.  I made myself a coffee and took it down to the dock to sit at the water’s edge to enjoy the quiet

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Let’s Talk About Meditation

Let’s Talk About Meditation… Wikipedia Definition of Meditation: Meditation is a practice where an individual operates or trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content,  or as an end in itself. For me, meditation and mindfulness is about

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