December 6, 2018

We ARE Connected


I am often asked how is it possible to offer distance Reiki, or distance healing – how can you impact or help someone without being in their presence? And what a challenging thing to explain. I am not a teacher of the laws of physics or well versed in quantum physics. It just works! I believe that when we focus our energy, thoughts and love on others, they feel it. Perhaps the feeling is subtle, but perhaps it is profound? Think of a time when you thought of someone and the next thing you know, they are calling you or texting you. Or when you have thought of someone only to run into them at the grocery store. How does that happen? If it only happened once in our lives we could call it coincidence, but what do you call it when it happens repeatedly?

We are connected through time and space in some manner, and in essence, no matter what your belief structure is we must believe this to be true, or why else would we PRAY? Those Divine threads that connect us; those energy lines that weave us together; those etheric cords that attach to one another; whatever we call it, bring us back to Oneness. We are all in this web together, so when we use intention we activate the web and amazing, sometimes miraculous things happen. Things that my human brain can’t begin to explain. And a part of me, honestly doesn’t want to. I love that our connections are spontaneous, magical and healing. How it works doesn’t matter to me, the fact that it does, does. I am sure one day science will catch up and we will know all the mysteries of the Universe, but for now, I am content with the not knowing and happy in my faith that we are more alike than different. I trust that we didn’t come here as individuals to “figure it out as we go” but rather to be a part of the web and do it together. That’s why when I read this quote from Jill Bolte Taylor from her book My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientists’ Personal Journey, I felt inspired to share.

“Our right brain perceives the big picture and recognizes that everything around us, about us, among us and within us is made up of energy particles that are woven together into a universal tapestry. Since everything is connected, there is an intimate relationship between the atomic space around and within me, and the atomic space around and within you – regardless of where we are. On an energetic level, if I think about you, send good vibrations your way, hold you in the light, or pray for you, then I am consciously sending my energy to you with a healing intention. If I meditate over you or lay my hands upon your wound, then I am purposely directing the energy of my being to help you heal.”

No matter what we choose to call the connection, the reality is, we exchange energy between each other – both good thoughts and bad thoughts. But that is a whole other topic! Let’s be mindful that our exchange with one another is intentional, centered in love and kindness or the very least, forgiveness. Imagine how beautiful a web that would be?

Magically Yours,

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