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Juli Conard

Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Intuitive, Wellness Coach, Meditation Mentor and more…

Juli Conard is a Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Angel Therapy Practitioner and a licensed Wedding Officiant. . From her early childhood, Juli instinctively knew that assisting others in wellness was going to be her journey in life. In 2000, she became a Registered Massage Therapist, studied under Dr. Doreen Virtue to become a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner in 2003, and completed the level of Reiki Master in 2004. Her intuitive approach to treatment includes the assessment of the physical, mental and emotional stresses of the body. This non-invasive approach encourages one to reconnect body, mind and spirit for optimal wellbeing. Her hands are heaven’s tools to facilitate healing and her ability to listen, offer gentle guidance and create a “safe” place are truly a graceful gift.

Veronica Hyland

Reiki Master, Vibrational Sound Therapist

After experiencing major trauma, Veronica utilized various healing modalities throughout her treatment path to find trust, calm and balance. Through her own personal experience, it revealed her own deliverance in helping others. Utilizing reiki, as well as other methods, have helped ease her anxiety, stay grounded, and balanced. Veronica believes that therapeutic and energetic touch can bring significant comfort to her clients. She is genuine in her practice and provides caring space to release emotions and move energy that does not serve you. Veronica expertly creates a safe place for deep and meaningful healing work unique to each client she serves. Her hands and heart are a beautiful gift to all.

To reach out to Veronica click here.

Karen Brittain

Reiki Master, Card Reader, Medium

A firm believer in discovering your personal passion, Karen’s “Passion Journey” through life has evolved from the natural ability for sketching and painting to a professional dancer and dance studio owner to her current passion of assisting others to discover their path to healthier, satisfying and empowered lives. Through the energy of her Reiki Sessions and Oracle/ Tarot card readings she provides inspirational and enriching sessions for her clients mentally, spiritually and physically. Her journey began in 2009 after joining a group of metaphysical like-minded people under the mentorship of Juli Conard owner of Therapeutic Grace. Through a variety of weekly workshops she became an avid student of crystals, card reading, aura reading, pendulum dowsing, intuition and physic development and meditation.

In 2009 she completed her Usui Method Reiki level I certification. In 2010 she completed Usui Method Reiki level II followed by her Masters/Teacher Usui Method Reiki Level III certification.

In 2021, to further her card reading skills, having studied with several top professional card readers in the US and UK, she successfully completed The Hay House Certified Card Reading Course as well Radleigh Valentine’s Tarot and Mediumship course. She has also completed several Psychic and Mediumship courses through the U.K.’s reknown Arthur Findlay College. Currently she is a student enrolled in The Mavis Pittilla Mediumship training program.

A native of Niagara Falls, New York, Karen resides with her family in Fraserville, Ont.

You can visit her at her Facebook page at findthevibewithkaren.

Jane Brosseau


Jane has been part of the Courage Circle Family since 2015 and is the newest member of our facilitation team. Jane successfully completed an intensive program that included therapeutic, laboratory and fieldwork exercises in herbalism and received her Certificate in Herbology and the Science and Art of Herbalism from Sage Mountain Herbal Center in Vermont, USA in February 2022.

Jane’s enthusiasm and love for plants and plant medicine coupled with her 41-year career in health care brings a very different approach to mindfulness, wellness and caring for oneself from the inside out.

Jane specializes in formulating tea blends aimed at nourishing the body, mind and soul with intention to foster an environment for wellness, whether for a specific ailment or as a general overall tonic. All herbs are sourced from certified organic or reputable sources including Jane’s very own garden and do not contain sprays or chemicals. Jane is eager to share her knowledge and enjoys formulating custom blends based her clients needs.

Jane’s tea is available at Therapeutic Grace or if you would like further information on any of her tea blends or to talk about a custom blend based on a specific need you can contact her directly at j.brosseau0923@gmail.com.


Massage Therapy

30 Minute Treatment $60* (after Jan 1, 2023 – $65)
45 Minute Treatment $75 (after Jan 1, 2023 – $85)
60 Minute Treatment $95 (after Jan 1, 2023 – $105)
90 Minute Treatment $135 (after Jan 1, 2023 – $150)
*Seniors and Students ONLY

Fusion Sessions

60 Minute Session $100 (after Jan 1, 2023 – $120)
90 Minute Session $140 (after Jan 1, 2023 – $165)
*Fusion Sessions can be a combination of Massage Therapy, Reiki, Coaching, Meditation, Oracle Cards, Hypnosis…it’s an intuitive approach based upon the clients goals for the session.

Wellness Coaching

1:1 Coaching Session (60-90 minutes) $150

Wedding Ceremonies

Perfectly Planned
Simply Sweet
Make it Legal
Wedding Rehearsal Add-On $150

Rates include HST. Gift Certificates Available. Your insurance plan may completely or partially cover Massage Therapy. Contact your insurance company for details. OHIP does not cover Massage Therapy.

Pricing for stand alone modalities vary. Please inquire.


If you would like more information, have any questions or would like to book an appointment please don’t hesitate to contact us!

14683 Old Simcoe Road
Prince Albert, ON
L9L 1C3

Phone: 905.985.2006
Cell: 905.447.7939
Email: therapeuticgrace@gmail.com

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