October 4, 2017

Words to Use Wisely

Have you ever stopped to think about how our words can stop us from having all of our heart’s desires? We have been affirming, manifesting and positive thinking for a long time and still we get hung up, swamped in doubt when things fail to materialize or actualize in our lives. Ever wondered why?

The words that we use when we talk to ourselves and others, have a vibrational frequency, which means they hold energy (which as we know is the universal language of the earth). Say to yourself the word “good”. How do you feel? What do you think of when someone responds to your asking “How are you today?” Good feels mediocre, it has just enough room for doubt and disbelief. Now say to yourself “fantastic”, and notice how you feel…and you say it without smiling? Most of us are unaware of our vocabulary, of the words that we use and how they limit the flow of abundance in our lives.

Here are a few words that we often put out there “harmlessly” only to realize that the universal energy returns it to us very literally. When we think, we feel. The feeling holds a vibrational point of attraction for all things in our lives. This is why being very deliberate is so important. Change your thoughts, change your world. There is definitely truth to the old saying “Your thoughts create your reality…”

1. TRY. The definition of ‘try’ is to attempt something, to test or assess. It implies failure. It feels futile. Try is an illusion. It means that we are telling ourselves one thing but not making the choices to move towards what we are really desiring. For example, instead of “I am really trying to make time to meditate” (your point of attraction is difficulty and failure) lets use “Meditation really helps me de-stress and I am doing more of it these days.” (your point of attraction is success and new experiences)
2. SHOULD. When we use the word should we are often bringing our past experiences forward to create conditions, boundaries or consequences around our future. Should implies judgment and should we be unsuccessful consequences that will likely ensue. For example, instead of “I should start exercising” (your point of attraction is in judgment based on past experiences) let’s use “I love exercising!” (your point of attraction is in fitness health)
3. I WANT/WISH… When we want something, we are amplifying the lack of it. This means that our point of attraction is actually holding us in the absence of what we really are looking to achieve or acquire. For example, instead of “I want peace in my life” (your point of attraction is in the absence of peace) let’s use “I am peaceful.” (your point of attraction is peace)
4. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF… The universe surrounds us with energy and attracts exactly and literally what we think and speak. When you are expressing that you are sick and tired, you are attracting the vibrational frequency of being sick and tired. This means you get more of it. For example, instead of “I am sick and tired of all of this drama!” (your point of attraction is sick and tired) let’s use “I am thankful that life is showing me the value of peace and love.” (your point of attraction is in peace and love)
5. WHY? This is a great question to ask if you want to doe-see-doe. It just takes you around and around in circles and nothing productive comes from it. It questions and creates doubt in the foundational existence of your life. For example, instead of “Why does this keep happening to me?” (your point of attraction is in doubt and victimization) let’s use “What else is possible for me?” (your point of attraction is in pure potential)
6. BUT and BECAUSE. We need to be very careful when we use these words as what follows them defines our point of attraction. For example, instead of “I want more money, because I hate not having any” (your point of attraction is in the absence of finances) let’s use “I am abundant and thankful for all the blessings coming to me now” or “Blessings are flowing to me right now because the universe is supporting my gifts to the world.” (your point of attraction is in pure flow of abundance)
7. WHEN. There are different uses for the word when. If we use it to refer to a time in the future or the past, it holds us in the frequency of the past, of lack and a less prosperous time. If we use it in reference to a now moment it can help us describe a powerful moment. For example, instead of “I will be happy when I get my new car” (your point of attraction is unhappiness) lets use “I am so excited to be shopping for a new car!” or “As I am looking for a new car I am excited about all the options and when I feel excited like this I feel like anything is possible!” (your point of attraction is excitement and unlimited possibilities.)

We are manifesting every moment of every day even when we are not aware of it. When we are intentional about it by choosing our thoughts carefully and intentionally, we create a momentum around our point of attraction and great things can’t help but find us in this state! Manifestation simply means ‘I am how it shows up’ – we are in a state of being shown how we are vibrating. Take a look around your life, scan your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and become aware of what you are attracting…how you are vibrating. Check in with how you are feeling when you are having conversations with yourself – you are always feeling so let that be an indicator of your point of attraction. If you are happy and content, be thankful and you will attract more of it. If, however, you have areas that you can improve, simply check your thoughts, shift your frequency and know that the law of attraction is always on your side. You are a powerful creator … and even more powerful when you are intentional about it!


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