February 14, 2022

What’s Your Worth?

A bottle of water at Costco is $0.25. 

The same bottle in the supermarket is worth about $0.50. 

The same bottle in a bar costs $3.

In a good restaurant or hotel it can be worth up to $4.

At an airport or on the plane, you may be charged $5. 

The bottle and the brand is the same, the only thing that changes is the place. Each place gives a different value to the sameproduct. 

When you feel like you are worth nothing and everyone around you belittles you, judges you, you have a choice.  Choose to change places, do not stay there. 

Have the courage to change places and go to a place where you are given the value you deserve. 

Surround yourself with people who really appreciate your worth. 

Don’t settle for less.

-adapted, author unknown

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