March 1, 2021

March 1, 2021 Finding the Well in Wellness Cards By Juli Conard, Art by Faith Myers

I Pick My Battles

“I release ownership of the stress unfolding in my network leaving room for each person to have this experience in their own way.  I rise above challenges to see the bigger picture of life before decided to engage in battle or to let it ride. Every situation is an opportunity to heal, repair, and resolve that which is triggering me. I learn just as much through letting go as I do fighting my way through. Today, I pick my battles.”

You’ve heard me say it before, but I’ll say it again: there is always a choice. Even when the battle feels as though it has been thrust upon us, we have the powerful choice to engage or dismiss. The only thing we have control over is how we choose to show up in every moment. When we are faced with stressful situations often the best thing we can do is step back, take a breath and look at the bigger picture and then choose how we want to proceed. 

Sometimes, it feels like we don’t have control over our emotions or situations or thought. Sometimes our programming over-rides us and we react without consideration as if on auto-pilot.  In the end, when we feel a lack of control and respond in the moment without being mindful, we make things worse, dig our heels in deeper, hang on tighter, and fight harder…only to disappoint ourselves in the end with how we showed up.

This week, we are being challenged to pause before engagement.  To consider IF we want to fight or IF perhaps, it is in our best interest to let it go.  There is always a choice. 

Xo Juli


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