June 24, 2024

June 24, 2024 Gratitude

I had an interesting conversation the other day about gratitude. The whole conversation started because this person was asking what she was doing wrong when manifesting. She was intentional for what she was seeking, affirming it daily and asking very specifically for what she wanted…but was NOT seeing anything she was asking for actually manifesting into her life. Through our conversation we realized that the key component of gratitude was missing!  I think of gratitude as a gateway to health, happiness, wholeness and peace. AND it is a power tool for manifestation.

When we are wanting or needing something, when we feel we deserve something…and we hold the energy and frequency of those wants and needs, we are actually holding the frequency of the LACK of those very things…the opposite energy than what we are truly seeking. You see, our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings are the magnets of the Universe so that which we are we get in return. Like attracts Like…which means that if we are vibrating at the frequency of the lack of the thing, we get that in return. Conversely, if we are vibrating at the frequency of the thing, we get that in return. And guess how we find our way to vibrating at the frequency of the thing???


So, for example the want/need of peace and calm:

Understand that we wouldn’t know to want these things if we haven’t already experienced them in some parts of our life or at some point in our life. What we first must do is acknowledge that we want MORE peace and calm in our lives. Then, we can melt into gratitude for all the moments of peace and calm that we have ALREADY experienced, and build excitement for the MORE that is yet to come. We can remember and feel into the times and memories of the peace and calm we have in our lives, noticing who was with us, what it sounded like, what was happening around us, how it felt in our hearts and mind, really see, feel, hear and know the experiences all over again.  When we acknowledge that peace and calm are already a part of our lives, we vibrate at the very frequency of peace and calm and those things will have NO choice but to find us again. 

I see it as a loop – what we put out, we get back.  If I put out chaos and confusion the Universe will bring me circumstances, situations and relationships that will confirm MORE chaos and confusion. However, if I choose to put out peace and calm, the Universe will bring me circumstances, situations and relationships that will confirm MORE peace and calm.

There are a few more important principles to manifestation, but this week, we are called to focus on Gratitude with the awareness that what we put out, we get back. Even if you aren’t seeking anything in particular, be aware that in every moment we are manifesting…so let’s be aware of what we are focusing on and thinking about…because our thoughts most certainly become things!

What are you grateful for today???

XO Juli


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