January 29, 2022

A Prayer for Canada

  • Please insert your personal religious, spiritual or cultural inclination that fits your unique belief construct into this inclusive, non-denominational prayer.

Great Divine Spirit,

Today we pray for the great country of Canada.  We pray for the current situation, for all people regardless of their political views. Our country has become divided and now more than ever we come to You seeking unity, togetherness and solidarity as people who are suffering, tired and overwhelmed. We began this journey with the mindset that we are “in this together” and somewhere along the way we’ve lost our way. We confess that we are divided and torn on important issues and that we have become intolerant of each other’s views and beliefs. 

We trust that You know what is perfectly appropriate for the people of Canada, for us to learn and grow in our identity and faith.  We ask that You surround the leaders and the peacekeepers of our country, the change makers, protesters, and every man, woman and child – help us to listen, honour and respect each other in a way that protects democracy, perpetuates peace and promotes unity. 

We seek protection of our nation’s capital, and all those who are affected by the events that are unfolding in the days ahead – we seek safety within the warmth of Your love of humanity.

We pray that there are no evil agendas at play, that words and intentions are not twisted, that as the events unfold, peace prevails over any chaos. We know that when the masses gather both the light and the dark will meet. We pray for light over darkness. We ask that the hearts of all Canadians be touched by grace, love and peace.

Bless all the people of Canada and this beautiful melting pot of uniqueness, diversity and kinship with compassion, patience, peace and love.

Send Your spirit of calmness to guide the hearts and minds of all Canadians near and far.

It’s with great respect and admiration that we ask these things.

And so it is.


xo Juli

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