December 11, 2014

A Day of Reflection

A day of reflection, reveals what an incredible year 2013 was.  Yes, it was fraught with loss, pain and grief as I walked through some difficult times with friends and clients this year, but in the overall reflection it was what I have come to call “my year of firsts”.  Earlier in 2013 I decided to seize every opportunity that came along, regardless of my fear, judgment or worry for others response to my actions.  I had realized that I have missed out on many opportunities because I was afraid of what other people would think of me.  So I committed to “just say yes!” anytime an opportunity presented itself.  And I kept a running list of those “firsts” in my journal.  Wow!  Did I ever experience life last year!  For example (to name a few),  For the first time I…

Went to a Jays Game

Rode a Ferris Wheel

Went on a Loop-d-Loop Rollercoaster

Held a Burmese Python

Drove my new truck with a 32’ trailer and parked it!

Completed my first Geocache

Performed my first Wedding Ceremony as a Licensed Wedding Officiant

Drank my first beer

Rode in a Porsche 9-11

Ate my first deep fried pickle

Held a conversation with a 100 year old woman

Met a man who was 6’8” tall

Did a slip-n-slide

Screamed my way through a Zip line in Guatemala

On top of all of these great firsts, I also continued on with the 13th year of our Annual Canoe Trip where more than 50 youth have experienced the white water trip of a life time, completed leading my 2 Third World Mission to Guatemala, Traveled to Sedona with an awesome group of women, performed the wedding ceremony for one of my best friends, reconnected with friends from high school and enjoyed a summer with camping and leisure and new experiences.  Yes, 2013 was a phenomenal year – a year with shifts and change, but that isn’t always a bad thing…as change moves us into growth as human beings and pushes us towards our own personal greatness and into our purpose.  I am grateful to all my family and friends for your love, support, encouragement and for holding my hand and sharing in my “year of firsts”!  Bring on 2014!!!



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