Sacred Garden: A Balancing Meditation for those on Life’s Journey


This sixteen minute guided meditation is both restorative and uplifting.  It uses multiple modes of meditative techniques for your healing benefit. This meditation offers a consistent repetitive beat intended to transcend consciousness, promote healing, increase concentration and enhance spiritual growth.  As you listen carefully to the positive subliminal messages, you entrain your brain to new ways of thinking and being.  As you enjoy your Sacred Garden you will experience a balancing of your Chakras as well as a deep meditative state. Sacred Garden will reignite your energy centres and deepen your personal spiritual connection.  You may find that each time you visit your Sacred Garden, deeper layers of being will be revealed to you.  This garden encourages you to plant, blossom and bloom exactly where you are.  To maximize the benefits of this uniquely calibrated track, stereo headphones are required.

Produced by Roger Watson
Written and Spoken by Juli Conard
Music by Erin Clark RP, MTA
Singing Bowls calibrated by Suzanne Lee

PLEASE NOTE: Please use a computer or android device to download this track. If you are currently using an iPhone or iPad you will have difficulty listening to the track in its entirety. We are aware of this issue and are working hard to resolve it!