Finding the Well in Wellness Card Set



Finding the Well in Wellness is a book about Juli’s journey and the lessons she learned about life, love, relationships and health. The accompanying deck of affirmation cards is an opportunity for the reader to engage more mindfully in their own personal journey.

The Wellness Cards can be used as a means for inspiration by drawing a card to anchor a thought or concept for the day or the week. They can be used as journaling prompts to help process through the inner workings of the mind. They can be intuitive messages that speak directly to the Spirit and inner knowingness. Most importantly, these cards are created with love for the reader with the utmost respect for the individuality of every path in life. Please use these cards in any way that feels appropriate. There are suggestions for use and card layouts included. But be assured that you can’t use these healing cards wrong. Lean into this loving support to see you through.

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