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Finding the Well in Wellness is about my journey and the lessons I learned. The accompanying deck of cards is an opportunity for you to engage more mindfully in your journey. What I went through, and still go through, isn’t any different than your journey. We all go through the muck of life in our own way, in our own time, and with our own personal flare. What I hope to offer you through this book and card set is a reference point for lessons housed within your own life. Over time, it is easy to condition ourselves to stop looking for our lessons until they are forced upon us. We stop searching for the change because it means work, and sometimes it is scary work.

However, when we start engaging with our heart and embracing the lessons, we move through the resistance and into the flow of life. A flow that nurtures our Spirit, guides our heart, and enriches our lives. My hope is that this is an opportunity to learn through each other, that where I was once a student I can now be a teacher. And as a teacher, be open and willing to be a student as I learn new layers and depths to new lessons and perhaps some repeating ones too. All the while honouring the cycle of life and teachers along the way, knowing that in every moment we are both teacher and student.

The cards can be used as a means for inspiration by drawing a card to anchor a thought or concept for the day or week. They can also be used as journaling prompts to help process through the inner workings of your world. They can be intuitive messages that speak directly to your Spirit and inner knowingness. For those familiar with the chakras, there are eight cards to correlate with the eight main chakras. Thus, the cards can also be used to help balance and align our energetic hubs. Most importantly, these cards are created with love for you for exactly where you are on your journey. Please use them in whichever way feels appropriate for you. No rules. No guidelines. Simply loving support to see you through.

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