Refresh: A Restorative Guided Meditation


This eight minute restorative guided meditation will encourage you to relax, refresh and rejuvenate and can be used at any point during your day. Fall into this beautiful meditation while wearing a pair of headphones and enjoy this track as the words and the music are perfectly calibrated to awaken the Root, Heart and Crown Chakras. Created around the powerful affirmation “It is safe for me to feel the truth of my connection”, you may find that experiencing life more authentically after experiencing this meditation is a wonderful side effect. Refresh will awaken your life-force energy and expand your spiritual connection with all there is. Enjoy.

Meditation, written and spoken by Juli Conard
Music by Erin Clark RP, MTA
Produced by Roger Watson

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using a computer or android device to download this track. If you are currently using an iPhone or iPad the track will download to your downloads folder and you will have to move it to the appropriate place on your phone for future use.


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