Loving Kindness Meditation


In Loving Memory of our Circle Sister, Dot Hooker

This ancient Buddhist meditation, often called the Loving Kindness Meditation, teaches us how to offer good wishes to ourselves and others, keeping our hearts open and full of love. It is particularly helpful for those who are stuck in a negative state of mind as well as those who are harboring un-forgiveness. When practiced regularly, one begins to see the capacity for love and kindness within their own heart and one continues to cultivate kindness unto all beings. This meditation, although typically spoken, has been calibrated to sounds and tones that promote healing and amplify the wishes that you are sending out into the world around you. This track is both spoken and sung as an active meditation intended to open and balance the heart to unconditional love of self, others and the world. Stereo headphones are recommended.

May you be filled with love and kindness.
May you be well.
May you be peaceful and at ease.
May you be happy.

Produced by Roger Watson
Written/Adapted and Spoken by Juli Conard
Music by Erin Clark RP, MTA
Harmony by Roger Watson

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using a computer or android device to download this track. If you are currently using an iPhone or iPad the track will download to your downloads folder and you will have to move it to the appropriate place on your phone for future use.

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