Cannabis Infusion 101

Join Stephanie, Juli and Tiffany in this interactive VIRTUAL workshop to learn how to infuse your own oils with cannabis.  As a Cannabis Educator, Stephanie will discuss the importance of choosing a cannabis strain that is right for you.  She will talk about the impact of terpenes; the difference between indica and sativa; and the benefits of cannabis infusion.  The information that Stephanie will share provides a wonderful foundation of understanding this plant medicine.  Tiffany and Juli will share instructions, recipes and their experience in infusion of different carrier oils.  We will talk about proper storage, different uses, including how to make your own muscle/joint salve.  There will be lots of time to ask questions, and an opportunity to book a one on one consultation with Stephanie to help you get started.

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All participants MUST be 19 or older.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants.  It will be hosted on ZOOM, and upon registration, the log-in details will be emailed to you along with your confirmation.

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Consuming Cannabis under the age of 19 and consuming cannabis while/then driving is illegal.  If you are currently taking any pharmaceutical drugs, are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any medical conditions, please consult with your physician before use. Do not operate vehicles or machinery. Keep out of reach of children. This virtual workshop is to be used as educational material only.  We do not, diagnose or prescribe this medicine. Ask your doctor if Cannabis is right for you. Use at your own risk

Meet the Workshop Facilitators:

Stephanie Massey, Cannabis Educator

I am a Canadian mom of two teens, a wife, coffee lover, Psychological Neuroscience junkie, Breast Cancer Survivor, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Medical Cannabis Educator and Consultant – whew! I know, it’s a lot.  I was introduced to Cannabis at the age of 43 while going through Breast Cancer treatment. I now wholeheartedly advocate for the normalization of this plant medicine. I am so thrilled to be sharing my knowledge with you!





Juli Conard

My busy life as a wife, mom, Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Meditation Coach, Hypnotist and more, came to a screeching halt just over a year ago when I was diagnosed with a rare parasitic invasion called Leishmaniasis. I was introduced to the healing benefits and the power of cannabis. I believe this plant medicine was integral to my journey and my healing.  From curbing nausea, headaches, both acute and chronic pain and healing of scar tissue, this plant medicine to too amazing to not share.  I found such relief, with topicals in particular; however, they are extremely hard to come by. As it turns out, they are extremely easy to make.  I am excited to share how to infuse carrier oils with cannabis so that you too can benefit from this healing plant medicine!





Tiffany Munro

I’ve always been a Cannabis supporter. I smoked in high school, like the rest of the cool cats. I smoked to help with sleep over my years; it helped after really long days. When I was pregnant with our youngest, I had to have an emergency surgery. It was then that I started experiencing anxiety. Within hours of a full term delivery, I started having complications.  Hemorrhaging for 18 months post-delivery, resulting in an emergency hysterectomy at age 33.  I reached for pharmaceutical pain relievers and anti-depressants as depression and weight gain took its toll on me. Diagnosed with liver disease at age 34, panic attacks started derailing my life.  Between pharmaceuticals and a terrible diet, I realized that I needed to do something.  I began changing my eating habits, turned to herbal medicines and living a more holistic and spiritual life.  Once I learned how to infuse my own oils to make my own topicals and edibles it was a complete GAME CHANGER!  I am excited to share my make and take experience with you!



Jun 01 2020


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


your own home


Stephanie Massey
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