October 18, 2017

What Is Emotion?

Emotion.  E-Motion.  Energy-in-Motion.

We often get “stuck” in emotion for lots of different reasons, but usually it is because we are holding on too tightly something or someone or we are resisting change.  If we can take a minute, acknowledge what emotion is happening, and then surrender (in whatever way is right for you), that energy will move through us and move on.

We spend most of our lives fighting against what we most want.  Which is really strange – you would think that we would simply embrace what we want.  Too often, what we want comes in a package that we aren’t expecting and so we are resistant to it actually arriving into our lives.  We want what we want, we want it now, and we want it just the way we picture it.  So, when what we want arrives in a different package, naturally, we resist it.  We have fears around the unknown, so we push back.  And for some reason we find comfort in those fears.  Instead of embracing those gifts or the things or relationships that we want, we excuse it away.  We say things like “in its own time…” or “everything happens for a reason…” This view point isn’t wrong, it is well and good, however, it doesn’t take you deeper to the root – the root of what is holding you back from reaching your true potential, your hopes, your dreams. It is this root, that is blocking your energy-in-motion.

When we go there, to that scary, dark place and face the bully in the corner…step into that fear –whatever that fear may be, to face what scares the shit out of you, feel it and move through it, you find what lives on the other side – pure joy – pure peace.

When the wild emotions strike (the messiest are usually fear and anger), that is when we need to most exercise patience.  Ride out the emotion (as long as you aren’t hurting yourself or others) and wait for the calm to return.  It always comes back.  When the calm arrives, we can then invite our inner Wisdom to flow up.  We can then begin to navigate what we are feeling and experiencing…we can ask ourselves questions like “what would calm do in this situation?” or “what would peace do in this situation?” or “is this emotion one I enjoy experiencing? And how can I get more/less of it?”  These simple questions will help move us through the emotions, instead of keeping us stuck in them.  Remember the “how” and “what” questions keep us moving forward in life and the “why?” questions keep us mired in the emotion or the past.

I believe that fear is one of our greatest catalysts.  In fear, there is an answer or insight deeper into ourselves that can move us in the direction and towards our dreams and goals.  It’s time we embrace our energy-in-motion, by facing our fears and all the other emotions that come our way, moving through them and allowing the depths of our Divine to surface and bring with it peace, clarity and joy.

Embracing our E-Motion leads us to acceptance and transformation into a peaceful present moment.  And who doesn’t want a peaceful, present moment…every moment?



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