July 30, 2018

Weekly Card Reading

July 30, 2018
Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen VirtueParents
“The Divine truth is that your parents eternally love you to the best of their ability. The angels are helping you heal from any pain associated with your mother or father.”

Some of us are blessed to have amazing memories with our parents. Some of us are also blessed to have had difficulties with our parents. Regardless of what your relationship is with your parents, or the current state of it, the Angels this week are encouraging us to be thankful for the gift of being. We are each here, walking this earth, because of the miracle of conception – the moment that everything aligned in its own perfect way to conceive Love aka Us. Understanding that we are an expression of Love, and represent Love itself, can do wonders for healing our relationships with our parents. Perhaps for you, this card is reminding you to be grateful for the gift of your parents and the gift of your life. Perhaps for you, this card is encouraging you to view your life as a conglomeration of lessons learned, and ushering you toward forgiveness to resolve the unresolved within your relationships. Perhaps for you this card is letting you know that your parents whom have passed on are with you in Spirit. For each of us, we can find comfort in knowing that our parents have done the best that they could with the tools and awareness that they had at the time. Having this deep compassion and awareness does not excuse some of the traumas that often occur in childhood, but it does give us the perspective that as a Soul of Love (just like us) perhaps they didn’t know any different. And regardless if your childhood was beautiful and flowery, or harsh and traumatic, you have been nurtured, cared for and loved along the way, if not by your own parents, then by other special Souls of Love. This week, be reminded that you are a Soul of Love, and thank those around you that have nurtured you along the way.

Much love,


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