September 20, 2017

Tune Into Your Own Divine Guidance

Intuition is something that we all have, and have access to.  When life gets busy, or tumultuous, it can be a challenge for us to hear our intuition or even to trust it.  It is easy to hear the loud, logical voice that often sounds like your spouse, parents or friends, but this voice does not lead to fulfilment or satisfaction.  Instead, when we turn to the voice that is found in a calm state and learn to trust this softer inner voice our inner wisdom and true Divine guidance can flow up to our awareness.  The trick to finding or re-acquainting ourselves with that inner voice, our intuition…or as some call it the “gut brain” is to simply allow the silence or the calm to come back.  I call this the “invitation”.

When I am in a place of lower frequency emotions, or simply in a funk, I find a place to sit or lie down comfortably.  And, I ask for calm to come back.  And it always does.  Remember, E-Motion is Energy in Motion…so when we allow the chaotic emotions to keep moving through, calm can always find its way back to us.  Calm is always found in stillness, and calm is the gateway to inner wisdom.  We must wait for it.  Have patience.  When the calm comes, we can then invite our wisdom to flow up.

Our wisdom isn’t a verbal exchange – it is sensory.  It is actually felt though emotions and sensations either through our brain or our “gut-brain” (Solar Plexus).  So, when we are in stillness, we hold our decision or situation in our attention and feel it’s response.  Wisdom is far stronger than fear…and it is always a choice.  It is not pushy, forceful, fearful, judgemental or paranoid.  As Martha Beck says, “We cannot be victims of wisdom.”

What does that invitation look like?  Well, I am going to give you two invitations as examples, but I encourage you to do what works for you.

My practice involves 2 questions.  First, I ask myself “What am I feeling?”  I like to identify the feeling in my body…it brings my awareness into this moment where I am feeling, reminding me that I am not the situation, but experiencing the situation.  For me, it creates a separation between the two.  Then I ask myself “Where in my body am I feeling it?”  I feel like this gives me a place to breathe into…immediate action and release.  And directs me to surrender the need to carry that emotion at all.  Remember, E-motion, is energy in motion – the breath encourages the emotion to move on and with the breath, I surrender and as I surrender I allow for calm and wisdom to be in motion again.

The second invitation is very simple. Just think “Help!”  This is the easiest and quickest way to get results – Michael Bernard Beckwith teaches that just asking for help acknowledges your openness and willingness for change and insight to occur.  “Help!” In itself is an invitation, representing Hello Eternal Loving Kindness!

The more we invite wisdom to flow, the more wisdom can come through us. This wisdom is your true Divine guidance. Ego will fight this, but the more patience you exercise encouraging calm to return, the cycle of resistance will lessen and the cycle of calm-wisdom-calm will gain strength and indeed become a valuable navigator of truth for you.

“No matter how difficult and painful it may be, nothing sounds as good to the soul as the truth.” –Martha Beck



September 19, 2017

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