May 1, 2019

They are Hungry Little Buggers.

Journal Entry #6

Only a few day turnaround, but I was scheduled immediately to see an ENT at Toronto General (UHN). My husband was still away for work that week, so my friend Vicky offered to escort me down for the appointment on April 26. Traffic and parking is such an issue downtown, that we decided to take the train and the subway – a real adventure for me, a country bumpkin.  My friend Daphne, lent me her cane for walking, being that we were commuting during rush hour, I thought it best to have a weapon for beating people should they try to step on my foot.  Although it wasn’t needed for that, it did support me through all of the walking to get to and from the appointment.

I simply don’t know how people do that commute every day.  I am in total awe of you.

The ENT was prepared for my visit.  He used an anaesthetic to freeze my sinuses, and after doing another intake and back history, he used a camera to look up into my sinuses and down my throat.  The rash on my face is subtle, but he said that inside my left nose ulcerations are forming. The good news is that the bugs have not infiltrated my higher sinuses, even though I have developed a post nasal drip. The bugs for now, seem to be content just eating my nose. So, basically what you are seeing developing in the skin lesions on my arm, hand and foot has begun happening inside my nose.  Please don’t google this.  You will not be able to un-see those pictures.  But I am sure your imagination will show you that there isn’t much flesh in the nose, and it won’t take long before they eat all the way through it, leaving me permanently deformed.  But let’s not talk about that because the treatment will be here and I will be healing long before they get that far.  Right?

The Miltefosine still isn’t here.  We are still waiting patiently.  The bugs are still eating.  I am still hopeful.

Xo Juli

1 thought on “They are Hungry Little Buggers.”

  1. Oh my gosh Juli. I am so sorry you are going thru this. My prayers will include your meds showing up right away that”s the practical part. I will also pray that your strength, fortitude, positive attitude and God keep you safe. You are a wonderful writer, thanks for journaling your thoughts and allowing us to be part of your recovery. Take care, i look forward to hearing about the success of this drug. Hugs to you and your family.

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