September 10, 2018

The Law of Attraction Cards by Ester and Jerry Hicks – “When focusing upon Solutions, I feel good!”


Well, well, well. Isn’t that interesting? How often do we focus on the problem and short circuit our conversation around the story of the problem? This is a dangerous loop – and the beginning of a downward spiral as we lend our energy to negativity we cultivate more negativity into our lives. This week we are being encouraged to check our thoughts and make a flip to focusing upon the solution. When we lend our energy towards solving or correcting something we bring about a positive or higher frequency emotion which then becomes our point of attraction. Oddly enough, focusing on the problem can sometimes feel good too – sometimes we all need a moment to wallow…but let’s not stay there long, okay? Let’s move towards finding a solution, let’s move towards reconciliation, forgiveness, happiness and love. Here’s a quick flip I use regularly: Instead of asking “why does this keep happening to me?” I ask “what is the universe showing me?” When we take our problems as lessons, and are willing to learn, the solutions are easily revealed to us. This week we are being encouraged to let go of the stories of our problems and move towards the life lessons that will reveal the best solutions for all.

Staying focused,

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