October 15, 2022

Simply Sweet Ceremony- Custom


Please make yourselves comfortable, we will be getting started in a few moments.  Please turn your cell phones to silent out of respect for the grooms.


Welcome.  My name is Juli and it is a privilege to be here to oversee this ceremony for Ryan and Yannick.  Today is an extra special day as we live amongst a Covid world and are challenged with gathering together to celebrate special events in life.  Yannick and Ryan have been legally married since the 16th of May, where they pledged their love and commitment to one another amidst the pandemic at their Family Cottage. Today marks their “official wedding day” because they celebrate with you, their closest friends and family members. On behalf of Ryan and Yannick, thank you for joining us to share in this special moment in their lives.

Marriage Address 

Today is a celebration. A celebration of love, of commitment, of friendship, of family, and of two people who are in it for forever.  We have thousands of important moments that happen throughout our lives, but this moment is highly regarded as we share it with those that we love.  Why?  Because despite all of our differences, love is what we all share. It’s the great unifier — our one universal truth. That no matter who we are, where we’ve come from, what we believe, we know this one thing: love is what we’re doing right. That’s why you both are standing here. We have all loved in our lifetimes, and in this moment, we’re reminded that the ability to love is the very best part of our humanity. 

Marriage is a commitment to life with each other forever.  Marriage deepens and enriches every facet of life. Marriage understands and forgives the mistakes life is unable to avoid. It encourages and nurtures new life, new experiences, and new ways of expressing love. Marriage is a promise, a potential, made in the hearts of two people, which takes a lifetime to fulfill.

Expression of Intent and Consent

With that in mind, I have a few questions. First for you Yannick:

Yannick, you have chosen Ryan to be your husband. Will you love and respect him? Will you be honest with him always? Will you stand by him through whatever may come?

(I will)

Ryan, you have chosen Yannick to be your husband. Will you love and respect him? Will you be honest with him always? Will you stand by him through whatever may come? (I will)

Do you both promise to care for each other during the joys and sorrows of life; and to share the responsibility for the growth and enrichment of your life together? (We do)

Affirmation of Family and Friends 

To the family and friends that have gathered here today, you form a community of support that surrounds Ryan and Yannick. Each of you by your presence here today is being called upon to uphold them in loving each other. Do you offer your love and support to strengthen their marriage and bless this new family created by their union? (We do)

Exchange of Vows

This is a union of two individuals in heart, body, mind and spirit.  Symbolically, sharing these vows is much like tying a Clover Hitch; in this case, a true lovers knot.  Although it is one of the simplest knots to tie, it is also one of the sturdiest – a bond that will not break but instead become even stronger under pressure.  Each of you bring unique and special gifts to your marriage and as you tie together today, you are joining your lives as one. Be secure in the knowledge that your relationship will continue to be strong despite the inevitable changes that life brings.  Marriage is not to be entered into lightly, but reverently, honestly and deliberately.  What you promise as you bind together today must be renewed tomorrow and each day that stretches out on your horizon.

Yannick, repeat after me, 

Ryan, I choose you, to stand by your side and sleep in your arms. To be a support for you, during happy times and through difficult ones. I want to be joy to your heart and food for your soul. I want to grow with you, through the changes in our lives, adventures we embark and rivers and lakes we travel. I promise you to respect you, to put aside my ego, as much as possible, and focus on being happy versus being right. I promise to work through our challenges and focus on build happy memories as we grow old, shriveled and gray together, you will be grayer than me, just saying. I love you and I am yours.  

Ryan, repeat after me, 

You are the first person I want to see in the morning and the last at night, even if I arrive in bed hours after you – knowing that you are probably searching for me in the empty bed makes me smile when I first crawl in.  You are my other half.  You are the one that makes me laugh when I’m sad, makes me consider when I want to be rash, and finds me when I am lost.  I promise to love you when the sun shines, when the rain falls, in sickness and in health.  When you look at this ring, think of me and remember that I love you always.  I know I will not always be what you want me to be.  I might forget to listen or forget to share. I might not always agree. I might be stubborn and might be wrongheaded, but I will always love you.  Love You to the Moon and Back.

Exchange of the Rings

Let these rings be a token of your vows, to symbolize that your love has a past, a present and a future within you both. And as you wear these rings upon your hands, may you always be reminded that your hands and hearts are joined together as one, forever.

Ryan, please repeat after me:

Yannick, take this ring as a symbol of my love for you. I promise to accept you for who you are, my best friend, the one I live for, the one I care for, and the one I love with all my heart, this day & forever.

Yannick, please repeat after me:

Ryan, take this ring as a symbol of my love for you. I promise to accept you for who you are, my best friend, the one I live for, the one I care for, and the one I love with all my heart, this day & forever.

Now may those who wear these rings live in love all their days.

Declaration of Marriage

Yannick and Ryan, we have heard your promise to share your lives in marriage; we recognize and respect the vows you have made here this day before each one of us as witnesses. The knot that you have tied today, is strong, real and sacred. Therefore, in the honesty and sincerity of what you have said and done here today, it is my honor to declare you married and partners for life.

 “you may seal your vows with a kiss”

Signing of the Register

Blessing of the Couple

Sunrise after sunrise, sunset after sunset, rain or shine, when the water is like glass and when the waters are rough, may your time together always be blessed.  We don’t know what lies ahead, but may you always make the best of whatever comes your way.  Continue to enjoy each other’s company, hug, laugh, learn and grow together.  May you feel gratitude in your hearts for the love that you have discovered together, to love and be loved by those here with you today witnessing this sacred moment.  May yours be the best love story of all… but most importantly, may the knot you have tied today, support you forever.

Introduction of the Couple

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a personal privilege and a great honor to be the first to introduce the newly married couple Ryan and Yannick

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