January 2, 2021

Setting Intentions for the New Year

Some choose to create a Vision Board as they kick start their year, some choose to find a Power Word, some choose to write a Manifesto.  Regardless of how you choose to anchor into your intentions for the year ahead, these helpful and handy hints will help get you started on your journey.

Be sure to have a quiet and clear space to get started.

Breathe for 3-4 minutes to ground and come into yourself. Perhaps play some relaxing music, or meditate for a few minutes to let the world fall away so that you only hear your inner voice.

With your journal, answer the following three questions. Remember your intuition speaks loudest in those first 15-20seconds, so quick jot notes and brainstorming is best. Give yourself ONLY 2 minutes to answer each question:

  1. What is it that I want to experience in my life?
  2. How do I want to grow and learn?
  3. What will my contribution/service to the world be?

As you answer these questions, be sure to contemplate all areas of your life:

  • Career
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Well Being
  • Service
  • Goals/Dreams
  • Self-Care 

Your answers to these questions will give you a framework for your Vision Board. You also may notice a common theme or thread that will lead you to a Power Word for the year.

Remember, your vision board is a reflection of feeling – not necessarily specific things. So focus on themes, but also focus on how you want to feel as the year unfolds. 

Should you choose to search for a Power Word, keep in mind that the word needs to evoke a feeling, sensation…emotion. Feel it in your body and the feeling will light you up!

The word needs to have room for growth (personal and professional) – the word will evolve as the year unfolds.

The word will be deeply personal – even if you don’t like the dictionary definition of it…as long as it has feeling for you…intention for you…

The brain is literal. So look at your word from all angles, in relation to all facets of your life to be sure there aren’t limits or boundaries hidden in the meaning of the word itself. Tweak your definition or word appropriately for you.

Finding your Power Word is a journey in and of itself. It might not appear right away, and that is okay. Sometimes, we have to keep peeling back our thoughts and feelings until the right word emerges for us. Just be willing to go on the journey…be a seeker.

And more importantly, enjoy the ride!

2021 Example:

It really is a journey to finding the right Power Word.  It always seems to start as an inkling, scattered thoughts trying to organize themselves, then it begins to morph into a direction or a concept.  Sometimes it sits as a phrase or an affirmation for a few days while it continues to percolate.  Then I end up using both the dictionary and the thesaurus, sometimes landing on inspiration and sometimes leading me to my own personal definition.  Then as it begins to reveal itself, I get the tingles, excitement starts to ramp up and the word anchors in.  There is no denying its power…just by thinking the word, I feel it.  I mean, really feel it.  And no matter how crumby my day is, or where my head is at, as soon as I think of that word it pulls me out of the stuck state and propels me forward into my purpose and intention again.

Finding my Power Word for this year was no different…and I finally committed…or INVESTed into my Power Word for 2021. It is a word that breathes with me, and although, I still feel the potency of last year’s Power Word THRIVE! and the year before’s Power Word ONWARD! and the year before that’s Power Word BECOME…I can feel their connection and layers culminating in a unique adventure in the year ahead…and I can’t wait to see how it evolves!


Invest in life. 

Invest in health.

Invest in business. 

Invest in love, relationships, friendships.

Invest in. Self-care. 

Invest in creativity. 

Invest in the quality of my thoughts. 

Invest in peace. 

Invest in Mother Earth. 

Invest in intimacy. 

Invest in learning. 

Invest in family. 

Invest in exploring. 

Invest in expansion and authenticity and freedom. 

I’m sure there will be other investments to discover along the way too! 

The centre picture really resonated with me:

It’s okay to be a fairy, a swimmer, a superhero, a princess, a gymnast, a dancer, a dreamer and a woman. We are all aspects of self in every facet of life, in every moment. Fearlessly own who you are and keep growing and expanding along the way as you continue to INVEST and THRIVE in life.

When I look at it, I am reminded to BE YOU, to savor the small things, to seek happiness, to create and sink into beauty, to save where I need to save and invest more deeply in life. Mostly I feel inspired looking at this but I also feel empowered! 

Go get 2021 friends.

No matter how the road bends this year, our mindset matters. 

Anchor in and THRIVE!


xo Juli

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