September 4, 2023

September 4, 2023 PresentMoment

The quickest way to this moment is focusing on the breath. Our busy brains can wreak havoc on our mindset often hurtling us into our past or transporting us into the future.  When we are reflecting backwards or worrying about what’s ahead, we are not in the present moment – and the present moment is where all the joy is! 

This week we are challenged to live MORE in the moment, more in our hearts and less in our heads. As the great Tony Robbins says, “Get in your head and you are dead!” 

Simply place your hands on your heart, take a full deep breath (fill your belly, expand your ribs, let your chest rise) and focus on what you are grateful for right now. Let the breath come and go and just notice it as you focus on what is beautiful and meaningful in your life.  Let your heart fill with appreciation as you land in the present moment. Feel your feet connected to earth. As soon as we become aware of where we are and what our bodies are doing in each breath, we have arrived in the here and now. The only moment that matters…NOW.

Breathe. Gratitude. Repeat.

Sending you so much love,


Xo Juli

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