September 28, 2020

September 28, Courage to Love Yourself Cards by Janice Mae Parviainen

“Many of us have climbed the ladder to success, only to realize the ladder was leaning on the wrong wall.  Where is your ladder leaning?  Are you feeling empty, uninspired, and drained with a house and 2 garages full of stuff? Better to realize this now than never!

I have a love/hate relationship with this card…but usually when it pops up, it kicks my ass.  In a good way.  For some, this card may have a direct message to clean up life.  For some, it may represent a need to re-focus, re-group and re-organize life. This week, we are encouraged to ask ourselves:

Where am I headed?

What am I working towards?

Am I happy with where I am, right now?

What inspires me?

Where are my energy levels, right now?

This is a time to take inventory of life, to evaluate our direction, our goals, our current status.  Be brutally honest as we take stock, and then sit gently with our answers.  When we ask the questions, we need to leave space for the answers to flow up from our place of knowingness.  Asking the question is an invitation for change, for resolve, for direction.  Be prepared for inspiration to flow back in as our realizations create shifts in our reality, and new locations to place our ladders. 



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