October 4, 2021

October 4, 2021 Plant Seeds of Hope.

“I make real connections in the world. I share love, joy, compassion and hope. I choose to lead by example, to live what I teach. My purpose isn’t a destination, it is a quest to plant seeds of hope every day for myself and others. I choose to live purposefully.

*from Finding the Well in Wellness Cards, by Juli Conard, Art by Faith Myers

You know that old saying “do as I say not as I do?” Is it just me or does that statement totally undermine the speaker/teacher/leader/advice-giver? When I look at all the mentors and influential people who have crossed my path in life, those that offered guidance, support and suggestions were the people who took their own advice and were living examples of living purposefully. I bought what they were selling, because I could see that it was true and working, or in some cases, not working in their lives.

Living authentically takes dedication and discipline. It means we walk our talk and we talk our walk. It means that sometimes the path will be messy and sometimes it will be smooth but all along the way it is OUR path to carve and traverse.  No matter what direction we are heading, how steep the climb, how low the valley it is our responsibility to plant the seeds of hope along the way. Some may call this finding the silver lining or being optimistic – whatever works. Remember where our focus goes, our energy flows.  Planting seeds of hope is a little like enjoying the shade offered by the trees along our path, like stopping to smell the roses along the way, breathing in the fresh air and following our signs when the path course corrects and being willing to trust the sun, moon and stars.

This week, let’s be mindful of our path even if we don’t know where we are headed.  Let’s be active participants in our journey instead of passengers along for the ride.  Let’s be the living example of love, kindness, compassion and hope in all things. Let’s live purposefully in a way that not only benefits us, but also those around us.

XO Juli


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