September 2, 2019

September 2, 2019 Native American Oracle Cards by Laura Tuan & Kaya Walker

The Drum

“Find your own inner rhythm and let it flow and live and change while remaining uniquely your own.”

What a timely message as the summer draws to a close, children return to the classrooms, routines re-establish all around us.  Although early September isn’t an official change of the season, for many it is a time of “getting back into the swing of things.”  It is also a great time to make changes to the routines and habits that are unhealthy, unproductive and perhaps unnecessary.  This week we are encouraged to check in with our hearts, our own rhythm and make subtle changes that will help us live a more balanced and authentic life.  It is a perfect time to shed those commitments that bog us down…you know the ones?  The ones that bring stress and not joy.  The ones that we don’t want to do but HAVE to do?  It is time to make room for the things that we are passionate about, the things that entice more joy, the things that resonate with who we truly are and what we choose to accomplish in the world.  It is time to get in touch with that part of us that is lying dormant under the seriousness and stress of life, and to reactivate that very rhythm that inspires our passion. Feel the beat, let it flow, let it offer changes and then begin to breathe and live from your own authenticity.  The world needs you.



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