September 12, 2022

September 12, 2022 I don’t Get to Choose What I go Through In This Life; I Get to Choose HOW I Go Through It

Perspective is everything.  It is easy to feel and think that we are victims of our circumstances and to recognize when we have a lack of control.  When we commit to flipping our thoughts and are willing to experience a new perspective, life changes.  It can be challenging to find the flip…but it is possible. We can sulk and moan about a rainy day or we could find ourselves grateful that the earth is being nourished.  We always have a choice.  This doesn’t mean that we are irresponsible in our realities or that we are in denial of the truth of situations.  It means that we free ourselves from the vice of victimhood by choosing our own reality.  I think there are only a few things we actually have control over in this life and that is how we choose to act and how we choose to react to life as it unfolds.  Virtually everything else has variables, different players, expectations and is out of our control.  When we realize that our power lies within, everything changes.

This week, we are encouraged to see life and all it has in store for us as an adventure. As life throws us curve balls (because, let’s be honest, it always does), let us stand in our truth, integrity and authenticity and be willing to find a perspective that feels empowering.  A perspective that breathes justice, that encourages positivity and progress, that is compassionate and loving. Just because life has little regard for human comfort doesn’t mean that we have to too. Let’s find our own comfort by shifting our perspectives. In an ever changing world, it seems logical to be in the flow and not in resistance. Let’s find the flip that is right for us.

Xo Juli


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