January 8, 2020

Please, no diapers.

Journal Entry #72

Tim finally had the gastroscope early in December.  The procedure was quick and painless, and he was off work for only a few days.  They took a few biopsies while they were in there and we have waited patiently for the results.

They came in a few days ago.

When the Doctor called, he explained that Tim has Helicobacter Pylori (H.Pylori) – a gut bacteria that after a prolonged time can cause ulcers, indigestion and irritation of the gut lining.  They think it could be what is causing his symptoms.

He hasn’t had another “episode” since late August, after I pulled him off of the medication he was taking.  After researching the medication that he started in June, I found a research paper from the clinical trial where less than 1% of those taking the drug experienced Esophageal Spasming.  The first time I took Tim to the hospital when we thought he was having a heart attack, I asked the Emergency Doctor if it could be from the meds he started taking only 4 days prior.  The answer was a hard no.  Even our family doctor said that it wasn’t related, but likely due to stress and anxiety.  Anyway, long story short, the episodes started when he started the medication and ended when he stopped taking the medication.  Our doctor has since agreed with the research that I found, and has supplemented with a different medication.  Which seems to be working well.

The episodes could have been linked to the underlying H.Pylori though.  So, he began the triple threat antibiotic protocol yesterday.  Three different antibiotics, twice a day, for 14 days.  We don’t know how he contracted it, and he could have had it since childhood.  They say that over half the population have this particular bacteria, some never have symptoms, some have all the symptoms.  It is a bit of a mystery bacteria.

These meds have hit him hard.

I am having flashbacks watching him run to the toilet.  He is restless, irritable, moaning and groaning.  I have gotten out the Tucks wipes, Gatorade and will make an appointment for him to see Dr. Katrina for re-hydration and nutrients.  I’ve gotten him a good probiotic.  He sleeps when he can – which is often.  He is using my cannabis for stomach cramping and nausea.  That is helping, but makes him sleepy.

I have taken to candling everyones ears this week.  I figure it could help with all the colds and bugs going around. I know that there is a lot of controversy around ear candling, but we have used it since I was a kid, and I always feel better, clearer and lighter afterwards.  The kids love to have it done!  Plus, I find that a good nights sleep always follows – and a solid rest can’t hurt anyone in this household!

It is a really crappy time of year to have him down and out.  I’m not ready to be nurse-maid…especially when there is so much to do to prepare for Christmas and I am not feeling 100% yet.  This wasn’t in the plans…but the treatment is necessary.  And at least work is slower for him right now and he can check in and work from home when he can. He is sticking close to home, refusing me when I offer to share my diapers with him.

It’s hard to watch him suffer through this…I am getting to view things from his perspective at the moment.  Caregiver is a difficult role to play, so much responsibility and it can be a full time job…because life still carries on even when we are sick.  Time keeps ticking.

I think we will both be relieved when these 14 days are up.

Let’s pray that this gets easier as the time goes, and that he feels well to celebrate Christmas…because Christmas will really suck if he has a day like he is having today.

Fingers crossed.

Xo Juli

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