October 8, 2018

October 8, 2018 Messages from the Universe Cards

“I now face people and situations with courage. I express myself freely and all conflicts are resolved in a balanced and open way for the mutual benefit of everyone. I proclaim and manifest the power of my Higher Self with love, understanding and respect for others and for myself.”

Affirmations are a powerful tool. When we make statements that are in the present tense, powerful and positive we create a point of attraction for manifestation that has infinite possibilities. Flipping our detrimental thoughts and situations to acknowledge a more promising outcome will soften troubling experiences and allow for growth, understanding and change. I call this living with the awareness of the power of our thoughts. Experiment today: let’s flip our attention to affirmative thinking and be aware of the subtle changes that occur. As the Universe is showing us, not only do we benefit, but so does the world around us.


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