October 7, 2019

October 7, 2019 Messages from the Universe

“Every time a door closes, another one opens up toward wider and more beautiful horizons.  The space naturally created in my life now brings me even greater possibilities for growth.  I welcome any change in my life with confidence and joy.”

What a beautiful affirmation – it is so welcoming!  Imagine, meeting all of life’s changes with our arms wide open instead of with resistance?  The one constant in life is that we are ever changing, ever evolving, ever progressing.  And yet, as a human race we resist change at every opportunity.  Why do we do that?  It causes so much stress when we spend time wishing and hoping that things are different than they actually are.  Resistance creates anxiety, fear and stress which can all be alleviated by moving into the mental space of welcoming change and accepting that life is what it is.  If we aren’t changing, we aren’t growing.  If we aren’t growing, we are staying the same and the truth is, both change and growth are going to happen anyway…so why not embrace it?


Xo Juli

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