October 26, 2020

October 26, Finding the Well in Wellness by Juli Conard, Art by Faith Myers

I am Enough

“I don’t have to do the big and shiny thing. I show up, authentically real, in all my perfectly imperfectness and I am always enough.  I practice hard-core compassion towards myself. I am content knowing that everything that I am doing in this present moment is my life’s work. I am enough.”

Not all of us can be Oprah.  Or Deepak.  There is only one you, and the world desperately needs YOU!  Fully, authentically in all of your realness.  It’s time to stop comparing ourselves, limiting ourselves and living small.  It is time to step into our power, to show up unapologetically in our truth.  This week, we are encouraged to treat ourselves compassionately, to let go of comparisons and barriers that have been holding us back and realize that what we think, feel and do in this moment is contributing to our life’s work.  We are building our legacy in this moment, right now. Do the big and shiny thing if that is what makes your heart sing.  Be the safe and soft place for others to fall if that is what fills your tank.  No judgement.  Know that however we show up in our worlds, is enough. You matter. I matter.  And we are enough. 


Xo Juli

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