October 23, 2023

October 23, 2023

I received a crystal clear message in meditation – and I’ve been guided to share it. Let me preface this: this is not a political statement nor is it a religious statement. It is a Soul statement. Please take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. If you are willing, I welcome you to hold space with me and join in the deep healing work.

Right now, it seems we are witnessing the world entering into WWIII. Remember that what we see in our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world AND the inner world of the collective consciousness. As I watch the war unfold, I know in my place of knowing, that my responsibility is to use the mirror of the outer world as a reflection of my inner world …and to do the healing work that’s brought to light.

This can be deep shadow work, but I believe that this is why we came to earth at this time. To heal. To break generational patterns. To right the wrongs. I truly believe that what we clear, lift and heal within ourselves, clears and lifts for all humanity. If you are still with me, reading this, this is our mission.

All of our inner battles will look different, but our destination or outcome is the same. We are all journeying back to authenticity, to our Soul, to Divine/Creator/God/Source/Universe. Battles are the roadblocks of growth we encounter along the way. Blessings disguised as battles. A necessary step towards ascension.

Once we ask ourselves “what am I battling?” When we bring our dark to light, we can begin to drop the resistance to what is. Embrace the war within, thank it and love it away. Here’s a helpful hint – the enemy is usually ourselves (ego).

We must learn to love even the darkest parts of ourselves for we are not only positive or only negative but a whole of both. When we reject one, we reject both – it is in the balance of ALL THERE IS where we find our truest selves – our Divine-Self.

When we choose sides in any war, we are pro-separation, pro-divisiveness…we allow ego to become judge and jury as if it knows all – knows more than Divine. Who are we to judge? In any war, all beings suffer.

It’s time for us to step into our warrior selves. To each dispel the inner battles, knowing that as we lift and resolve the war within, the war without will cease. War cannot exist where love resides. Peace is inevitable. Peace within and peace without.

Today, and in the days ahead, let us step into the responsibility of our own energy, letting go of any separateness or resistance we have within, to love even the darkest places that live within us. It’s okay to have once held the dark, the anger, blame and judgements…we don’t need to hold those any longer. Thank those dark places for helping us become the version of us that today is journeying to assist others, breaking generational patterns and holding the light. All of our yesterdays have brought us here to this pivotal moment in time. And now, more than ever all dark must come to light in order to restore balance and harmony within all humanity. The time for alchemy is NOW.

Let us not choose sides, let us not be tricked into thinking we must choose sides. Let’s love all who are suffering (including ourselves) and use our own discernment as life within and without evolve. This is how we combat war. Love is the most powerful force there is. Love is the most important thing we take with us when we leave this world and the most important thing we leave behind.
We were built FOR love.
We were built TO love.
We were built to BE love.
LOVE is why we came.

Xo Juli

PS. If you require support for your inner battle, I’ve got your back – please reach out.

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