October 18, 2021

October 18, 2021 Legacy

“I am consciously aware that I am creating my legacy, right now. Everyone who crosses my path is influenced in some way from my existence. I live with intention, strive for positive exchanges of energy that are a force for the greater good of humanity. How I show up in the world today matters.”

*from Finding the Well in Wellness Cards, by Juli Conard, Art by Faith Myers

I hate the way my husband does the dishes. In fact, I have to leave the room when he’s doing them. His wash, rinse and dry system is all wrong.  For me.  I have to remind myself that just because he is doing it HIS way and not MY way doesn’t mean that the dishes aren’t getting cleaned. His way works too. It is the same with opinions, perspectives and beliefs. And that is what makes being human such a diverse and beautiful experience.  There are many choices in life that lead to the same outcome…because let’s be honest…none of us get out of life alive. But it is in these choices as we navigate our paths in life that we create our legacy and the memories that we leave behind. We are meant to be unique, diverse and creative in our expressions and experiences. And each day, we make choices on how we show up in the world, how we interact with others, how we love others and how we shine our light to inspire and help others. 

This week, we are encouraged to check our bulbs – are we burnt out? Is the dimmer switch to low? Are we a beacon? Sometimes, we need a little self-care and it’s important to adjust our brightness.  Sometimes, we hang back in the shadows when what’s really needed is our light.  Sometimes, our light is so bright it scares others. Your light is YOURS. And it is our responsibility to manage our expression of brightness because truthfully, our legacy is a reflection of that light. What we will be remembered for one day comes from the choices that we are making right now. Be vigilant. Be expressive. Be you. Shine on for the greater good of humanity. The world needs your light now more than ever!

XO Juli


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