October 17, 2022

October 17, 2022 ONWARD!

!Have you ever felt stuck and then…BAM! All of a sudden you are just ready to move, to be done, to let go, to get on with life…and there just isn’t any other alternative other than to just move forward? It’s a cool feeling…a place where everything that was once stuck, stagnant and uncertain is just suddenly free and completely certain.  Sometimes this feeling just spontaneously happens, but sometimes we have to work for it.  By work for it, I mean that we have to get out of our own way.  Sometimes we have to push through it – we have to process, talk, journal, scream, counsel and ask for help.  Regardless, we must remember that we always have a choice…what we focus on is.  If we choose to focus on moving forward, through and beyond whatever has us in a vice, we will find momentum to actually move.  If we choose to stay focused on our stuckness, we will stay stuck!  
This week we are encouraged to use ONWARD! as a mantra each time we get in our own way – and by thinking or saying ONWARD! we focus on the forward in life and not the muck of our circumstances.



XO Juli

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