October 16, 2023

October 16, 2023 Let’s face it. 

We have an internal dialogue happening in our heads every waking moment of the day. For some of us, that inner critic, inner voice runs on, completely unchecked. And, if we really break it down, we are always harder on ourselves than we ever would be on anyone else.

The words we use matter. Everything is energy – our emotions, our thoughts, even our words hold a frequency. This is why when words are used as weapons, they literally feel like they cut like a knife. Many of us soften our words, preface them or sugarcoat our message to avoid hurting others…and yet, we don’t tend to sensor them ourselves with our internal voice. In essence, we cut ourselves down – and aren’t even aware of it.

This week we are called into awareness of our language, more specifically our internal dialogue. And let us not step into judgment as we become aware of our inner voice – let’s love ourselves through this as we begin to change the words we use, giving ourselves grace to love even the dark parts of ourselves. We can honor our weaknesses, wounds and struggles by acknowledging that these are here to teach us important lessons, to encourage us to grow, to help us break free of old patterns and beliefs and programs that no longer serve us. This is called Shadow Work…and yes, it can be ugly and painful at times, but the rewards are out of this world! There is so much more freedom on the other side of the resistance and the stuckness our minds imprison us with. Follow the K.I.S.S. rule – keep it simple silly – begin by shining light on the inner dialogue happening, notice it, shift it, and then love it away.

My friend Terry, over at Green Osteopathy has an abundance of simple tools that you may find helpful in retraining the brain to be more loving and kind. In fact, he has a workshop happening soon using the True Voice Process. You can find more info by clicking HERE. Terry has been a huge part of my journey, and I highly recommend his expertise and support.

Of course, I am here to support you too. Reach out if you’d like to chat.

Xo Juli


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