November 27, 2023

November 27, 2023 I Pick My Battles

Somedays, navigating our way through our own stresses can feel a lot like raising teenagers. Often, when things are really irking us it has little to do with the outside stimulus or happenings and more to do with our own inner battle of wishing things were different than they actually are. This inner resistance (much like a stubborn, know-it-all teen) can be our biggest hurdle. Recognizing when we are in our own way is the first step to creating space in our minds and hearts to move forward, heal, repair and resolve the very things that trigger us into stress. 

I am always amazed at how much I learn through the act of letting go. You see, holding on to our position, viewpoint or way is often the easy way out – if things stay the same or the way we think we want them, things will never change and we will never have to feel discomfort.  But, here’s the thing: if we aren’t growing we are dying. It is in the letting go of the fight where we have the opportunity to view life from different perspectives, to consider new ideas and ways of being. Being flexible doesn’t mean that we HAVE to engage or “lose” the battle, it simply means that we are open to experience life in a new way, perhaps a less painful, less rigid, less dramatic, less resistant way. In fact, I’ve come to realize that when we let go of the resistance and let it all be, I learn more about myself, life, love, relationships and health – and I am happier for it.

This week we are encouraged to pause before engagement and to consciously choose when we need to dig our heels in and let our inner teenage stubbornness rise to the occasion OR when to let go choosing when and where and how we spend our energy.  

This week, let’s choose wisely.

Xo Juli


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