November 28, 2023

November 20, 2023 Forward is Forward

I start my day with 3 simple questions. I ask them when I wake and before my feet hit the floor, before I reach for the phone, before I even open my eyes. I find that my intuition and inner voice is the strongest and most clear first thing in the morning before any outside senses are triggered. Here’s what I ask:

  1. Body, what do you need today?
  2. Mind, what do you need today?
  3. Soul, what  do you need today?

And then I simply listen in silence for the clues, insight and messages. Somedays the answers are easy; water,  movement and silence.  Somedays the answers require a little more commitment; detoxification, journaling and meditation. No matter the answer, this becomes the priority for the day. It is my guiding force, the goal,  the fuel for my mission. I believe that if I neglect these requests, I am doing a disservice to my purpose. And yet, I am human. Somedays I stumble, I fall short of the goal, I forget the focus. When this happens, the back up plan is always forgiveness and grace. Course correction is always possible.

This week we are encouraged to listen deeply to the voice within and honor what it requests. Then move forward with grace and ease.

Xo Juli


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