November 2, 2020

November 2, 2020 Finding the Well in Wellness by Juli Conard, Art by Faith Myers

I Have a Voice That Matters

“The real estate in my brain is valuable. I issue eviction notices to all voices that are currently louder than my own voice.  My voice has my best interest at heart. I forgive myself for letting other voices be louder in my head than my own, for betraying myself, for giving away my power. I now give myself permission to lovingly speak my truth internally and aloud for all the world to hear.  I have a voice that matters.”

Have you ever opened your mouth and had your mother fall out?  Or your father?  Or your sibling, friend or teacher?  Only to then realize that those words don’t really align with your constitution, values, ethics or morals? And yet, the words that fell from your lips, did so naturally?  This week we are called to take a pause and listen to the words we are telling ourselves and the words we are sharing with others. It is okay to let go of programs that were instilled upon us, to shift our perspectives to find our true, authentic voice.  We cannot evolve if we hang on tightly to old ways of being.  It is okay to grow and expand beyond those limiting beliefs.  It is okay to express how we truly feel.  It is okay to share what is really in our hearts and minds.  Why? Because we each matter.  We each are a gift to each other.  This might feel scary at first, so start in small safe circles.  Pay attention to those inner thoughts and don’t be afraid to ask yourself “is this what I really think?  Is it really true?” Let’s challenge ourselves to embrace our inner voice and step into courage to share it with others.


Xo Juli

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