November 14, 2022

November 14, 2022 What We Journal Today Creates Space for Tomorrow

Journaling is a wonderful way of emptying out our minds, hearts and bodies of anything that is weighing us down.  Sometimes things in life are simply to painful or scary to give voice. And when we hold those thoughts and feelings they become toxic to our nervous system. Journaling is a powerful tool to off-load our minds and to calm our internal world.
For some, it is flowery and tells a story.  For some, journaling is done as point form notes.  For some, it’s done through sketching and drawing and doodling.  For some, letter writing.  For some, it’s done through gratitude. The point is, you can’t do it wrong. Just pick up a pen and some paper and let it go.  This week we are encouraged to sit with our thoughts, bodies and emotions and give them an outlet to discharge.  To create space within our being by removing the old and worrisome baggage that we all carry.  To make more room for love.  As we move into a new week, let’s take our lessons, goals and love forward and leave behind the pain, heartache and sludge of the past.  When we practice journaling regularly, we can realize that each day is a new day unto itself.  We only bring to each new day what we choose to bring to each new day.
Xo Juli

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