November 12, 2018

November 12, 2018 Native American Oracle Cards by Laura Tuan & Kaya Walker Taikomol, God of Rain

“Let the waters of your heart burst forth and nourish the world around you.  Give with no expectation of repayment.”

The energy of this card is simply captivating.  As soon as I saw it, I thought to myself “time to get to work”.  And by that, I don’t mean doing the dishes and vacuuming.  I am referring to the purposeful work.  The kind that is meaningful, makes a difference, changes lives, makes an impact.  As we move into the Christmas season, we are busy shopping and preparing our gifts for family and friends.  And often this gift giving comes with the expectation that we will be receiving something in return.  And even though we don’t want to admit it, we all have that person that we HAVE to buy for, because we know they will be buying for us, and we would just feel bad not having something in return.  These types of gifts can be complicated.

This week we are urged to share the gift of ourselves, the gifts of our talents, time and friendship – the true gifts from within our hearts. These are the gifts that make the real difference.  And these gifts have no expectations attached to them, we give simply because we can and we want to…not because we HAVE to.  This week, let’s challenge ourselves to look beyond the materialistic, and become aware of our authentic offerings to the world…and let our intention for the season ahead come from the place of wanting to give, not being expected to give. And then, just for fun, lets give something meaningful, something perfect to someone we love…and not get found out.  Let’s give, just for the sake of giving.  Feel that joy inside and keep it to yourself – no recognition.  And love up on the joy that it brings the receiver.  Spread the love.




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