November 11, 2019

November 11, 2019 Miracle Cards by Marianne Williamson

Divine Assignments

“Every Relationship is a divine assignment in which two people share the maximal opportunity to give and receive love. Are you doing that?”

In a perfect world, the answer would be “Yes”, right? We don’t live in a perfect world, nor are we perfect individuals. In fact, we are perfectly imperfect. Figuring out life and relationships as we go. There is always room for improvement. Often, things like comparing ourselves to others, putting others needs ahead of our own and unhealthy dynamics impede our ability to give and receive love freely. Once we begin constructing protective walls around our heart, it becomes very difficult to let love in. We still continue to give it, but to let it return to us can be difficult for it needs to penetrate or break down the walls we have built in order for it to get in. Sometimes, those walls are necessary, crucial even, for our survival. It is important to recognize those walls and make sure we are doing our work to deconstruct them in our safe relationships so that we can be in the flow of love. This week we are encouraged to take measure of the walls we have barricading our hearts, and consider the safe places and relationships to let the love and light in. We can start simply, by allowing the compliments in, just say “thank you” and receive them. We can allow others to do small tasks for us, things that will help make our lives easier. We can carve out quality time with those that we love in order to enjoy the gift of our relationships. We can say “thank you” when someone gives us an unexpected gift. We can make space to hold the hands of those we love. We can start small, to let love flow in and out. Let’s honor this divine assignment and take every opportunity to give and receive love openly and honestly with those that are important in our lives.


Xo Juli

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