January 28, 2020

Meet the Women Empowering Women

We are excited to showcase amazing female teachers and healers from our community.  To celebrate International Women’s Day, we are coming together as Women Empowering Women, to share our gifts and talents, to inspire healthy self-care and to come together in solidarity for the greater good of all humanity.


Sweet and Strong Yoga with Christy Field

Christy’s life was transformed through yoga.  From the moment she stepped onto her mat she realized that yoga was not only about interconnection but also deeply tied to her own self-discovery.  Yoga helped Christy let go of years of fear and self-doubt, and gave her a sense of vitality and groundedness that she hadn’t known before.

Through her own yoga journey and personal transformation, Christy knew that she wanted to share this powerful practice with others.  With the guidance of exceptional teachers, Christy completed her 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (2013), Therapeutic Yoga Training (2014), Restorative Yoga Certificate (2012), and 2UNITE Partner Yoga (2015).  A life-long learner, she is currently exploring movement-based training with Yoga Detour.    

At 38, Christy was diagnosed with breast cancer. During this time her practice changed; she was challenged to look inward and really focus on what her body needed.  She became more focused on how poses felt rather than how they looked. Meditation, visualization and mindfulness became paramount and an integral part of her healing.

Authentic and welcoming, Christy is at home on the mat encouraging her students to shine bright and explore their individual practices. Her classes vary focusing on foundational work, functional movement and strength, as well as more meditative, calm and restorative classes.  It is Christy’s belief that there is always an opportunity for strength and ease, and her hope is that when her students step off the mat they feel at peace, connected and nourished.

Christy teaches private and small group classes from her home-based studio in Greenbank, Ontario.

To learn more about Christy, click here.

Sound Bath with Megan Marie Gates

Meet Megan Marie, a sound practitioner, movement + meditation teacher, and traveling minstrel based in Southern Ontario.

Her passion for storytelling, movement and music first led her to a career in musical theatre, then to healing arts offerings where she has been working full time as a sound meditation guide and movement teacher for the last 8 years.  She
 believes deeply that music, movement, creative expression and Mama Nature are the sweetest vehicles for re-enchantment, cellular reset and unification of all things divided.   She is delighted and deeply honoured to be sharing Sound Meditation experiences and trainings/immersions across Canada, and is forever inspired of the cycles of Mama Earth, poetry, plant medicine, conscious dance, and sacred art rituals. 

For a visual peek at her world, please click here.


Meditation for Life with Stephanie Massey

At the age of 42, Stephanie Massey was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  This coffee lover, wife and Mom of two teens used every ounce of resiliency and strength to get through treatments.  With a large support system, excellent medical and naturopathic care and a positive mindset, cancer is gone. With this journey becoming more and more of a memory, Stephanie is thrilled to explore and live through new dreams.  Yoga and Meditation played a HUGE role in healing, and guided Stephanie to choose to become a Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Leading healing and nourishing classes and retreats is her passion! Stephanie hopes those facing a Cancer DX or those living with Cancer know that they are recognised for the truly difficult path.  

Lending hope, inspiring with grace and giving back is her passion.  Follow her journey that takes her through Breast Cancer treatment and beyond into a life full of abundant love.  Follow her story on Instagram, Facebook and at

To learn more about Stephanie, please click here.


Practical Journaling for Women with Deborah Harkness

Through a cancer journey, depression, an incredible weight-loss story, education and other life altering events, Deborah has emerged both triumphant and an inspiration to others.  She has a unique ability to create an open and empathetic space to lead people into the discomfort of their own healing work.  Through the teaching and practice of journaling, she teaches opportunities to safely explore trauma, addiction, vulnerability, grief, uncertainty, loss, fears and more.  Her goal is to help others find their way home to their genuine self.  Deborah brings real-life experience and a depth to journaling that even the most advanced writer may discover new techniques and perspectives. A local woman, she cares deeply for humanity and spreads hope wherever she goes.

To learn more about Deborah, please click here.




Discover your Love Language with Juli Conard

Juli Conard is a Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Angel Therapy Practitioner. From her early childhood, Juli instinctively knew that assisting others in wellness was going to be her journey in life. In 2000, she became a Registered Massage Therapist, studied under Dr. Doreen Virtue to become a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner in 2003, and completed the level of Reiki Master in 2004.  Her intuitive approach to treatment includes the assessment of the physical, mental and emotional stresses of the body. This non-invasive approach encourages one to reconnect body, mind and spirit for optimal wellbeing. Her hands are heaven’s tools to facilitate healing and her ability to listen, offer gentle guidance and create a “safe” place are truly a gracefilled gift.

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