May 31, 2021

May 31, 2021 Release Expectations

I willingly release expectations that I have set upon myself and any expectations that have been placed upon me in all directions of time and space. I give myself the time and space needed for life to recalibrate in a way that is appropriate for my earthly purpose. I give myself permission to go with the flow and trust I am being guided in a way that benefits both myself and the world.

from Finding the Well in Wellness Cards, by Juli Conard, Art by Faith Myers

Expectations are a double edged sword aren’t they? They can be the thing that propels us forward in life AND they can be the thing that causes massive destruction to our life. We must be discerning when it comes to expectations. Perhaps when we feel like an expectation has been placed upon us we could ask ourselves a couple of questions:

1. Is this expectation realistic, ethical and healthy for me and my family?

2. Is this expectation in alignment with my core values, morals and beliefs?

3. Is this expectation mine? If yes, is it one that empowers me? If no, is it one I want to adopt and engage in?

4. In regards to this expectation, what is my intention for the outcome?
Sometimes we just have to take a moment and ask our heart how expectations feel before we engage or react. Chances are, if we continue to do and be just because that is what is expected of us, we will find ourselves a miserable doormat eventually. Understanding the expectations in our lives will create a space for us to set healthy boundaries for ourselves and others and this in turn benefits the world around us as we are then able to live more authentically and fully.

This week, let’s be aware of expectations. Specifically the ones we place on ourselves, the ones that are placed upon us and the ones that we place upon others. Let’s beware the double edged sword and handle it with care.


Xo Juli

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