May 27, 2019

May 27, 2019 The Journey Deck by Brandon Bays & Kevin Billett



“Often we are so busy – there’s so much to do, to accomplish, to achieve – that we overlook our own self.  This card is inviting you to take some time to honour your-self.”

I think if we knew how to self-love, we would already be doing it.  But it isn’t something that is taught in school.  It isn’t even something that is necessarily taught at home.  Think about it for a minute – how many men are raised to believe that “men don’t cry?”  How many women are raised to be “strong no matter what happens in life?”  Self-love can be as simple as honoring your emotions as they come and go…and yet, we have been conditioned to suck it up and be strong.  Which essentially teaches us to ignore our inner barometer for well-being.  That is NOT self-love.  Self-love happens when we forgive ourselves as easily as we forgive others, when we acknowledge our talents and gifts, when we honour the acts of service and moments of care that we offer the world around us.  It isn’t about being conceited, it is about recognizing that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and in order for us to do the work we have come here to do, our human self and our spirit-self have to be aligned. This week we are being called to set those limiting beliefs aside, get out of our own way and give ourselves the permission and the space to just love ourselves.  We say it to others all the time “take care of yourself!”  Its time we take our own advice, and “take care of me.”



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