May 23, 2022

May 23, 2022 Internal GPS Maintenance

Have you ever had one of those moments in life where you just know something is going to happen before it happens? And you don’t know how you knew, but you just KNEW it would? 

Our intuition is never wrong.

When it appears to be wrong, it is typically because we’ve interpreted it differently or our conscious mind is too attached to a particular outcome.

Learning to quiet our mind, silencing the world, outer voices and cultivating a practice to listen to our inner world and voice allows us to tap into our intuitive resources. The more we listen to our internal GPS system the more we learn to trust it when it speaks to us, nudges us or triggers us into action. You see, trust is an integral part of the equation when it comes to our gut reactions and responses.  EVERYONE has a GPS system, but not everyone TRUSTS it when it seeks to navigate us.

This week we are encourage to carve out time in our days to simply listen to our intuition, to get comfortable with our built in navigation system. Once we have established a relationship with our inner voice, we can then begin to put it into action as we allow it to take a role in our lives.  It is one thing to listen, it is another thing entirely to act.  One step at a time, trust happens over time and through practice. This is a valuable tool, that always has our best interest at heart, that leads us with purpose and intention and serves not only us well, but all those around us. Be brave. Listen. Trust.

Xo Juli


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