May 20, 2024

May 20, 2024 I Am Committed to Doing the Work

We all go through different forms of healing in life. As we go through tough things it is key to pick out the lessons that we’ve learned along the way landing in gratitude for the lessons themselves. Then there is a phase that happens beyond the awareness of the learning. I call this phase The Integration.

It’s wonderful to acknowledge the lesson, but then what?  Knowing the lesson simply isn’t enough to generate change. The next phase of healing really has to do with integrating the lesson to initiate change in our lives.  To recalibrate our ways of being so that patterns don’t repeat, so that unhealthy cycles are interrupted, so there is room for growth and new ways of being. 

This is where our responsibility lies. Getting the lessons is only half the battle. What we do after the lesson is MORE important than the lesson itself.  Let me say that again: WHAT WE DO AFTER THE LESSON IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE LESSON ITSELF. This may be the time when we need to lean into counseling, mindfulness, meditation, prayer, support groups, coaching etc. to help guide the way. Asking for help is just a portion of the responsibility required to make these lasting changes. It is also a time to treat ourselves gently, without judgment, giving ourselves space to experiment with new, more appropriate responses. Integration looks different for each of us – don’t be afraid to blaze your own path and do what is right for you. It’s okay if it feels uncomfortable – growth does, in fact, it is supposed to be uncomfortable! It’s okay if we don’t get it right the first time, what matters is that we are willing to do things differently until we find what works for us.

This week we are encouraged to look honestly at our life lessons and evaluate how committed we are to doing the work. Are we ready to go the extra mile? Are we ready to take full responsibility for our journey? Are we ready to follow through? Life experiences will be unique to you, but we all go through the learnings in a similar fashion, so please know that you aren’t alone.  My lessons will look different than yours and vice-versa, but the stages of learning are the same for all of us. You aren’t alone.  Reach out for support and as always, I am happy to be a listening ear should you ever need one.

XO Juli


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