May 16, 2022

May 16, 2022 Can I Afford the Consequences of My Thinking?

Every choice we make, every thought we choose to entertain, every action we take has consequences.  Sometimes the consequences are desirable, sometimes they are not. But, make no mistake, energy flows where our focus goes. For every thought, action, and/or choice there is a response that happens.

I remember being at a workshop some 20 years ago with a Psychic Healer. A young woman bravely stood up to ask a question in front of the 400 participants in the room.  She asked, “Will my boyfriend and I get married?  Are we forever?” I remember this wise silence fell over the crowd, and the psychic answered gently, “Honey, if you are asking this question, you already know the answer.” I think everyone in the room could hear her heart break with an internal truth she just hadn’t yet acknowledged. There are actually a lot of lessons in that example to unpack, but this week, let’s look at the thought and the consequences.

Sometimes, when we deny our own thinking or being honest with ourselves about where we are in life, what we are feeling and how we think about ourselves and others, we end up suffering by staying in situations, relationships or emotional states longer than are healthy for us. When something feels off, or we find ourselves thinking in “loops”, there is often a deeper truth that we are hiding from.  Taking time to sort out our feelings and thoughts (which are closely intertwined), is imperative if we choose to live an intentional lifestyle.

This week we are encouraged to look at the traps in our thinking that cause us suffering, immobility and stress. Perhaps there is another approach we could take, another thought we could think, another focal point that feels healthier with consequences that are more desirable? Simply challenging our thinking is a powerful place to start.  From there, let’s find a flip to the thoughts that can be rooted in peace, beauty, love and joy. When fearful, stressful and sad thoughts happen upon us, let us be courageous to let them float on by, and instead, embrace the opposite and by extension we will reap the benefits of our thinking.  For example, if we feel anxious or fearful in a large group of people, instead of focusing on the stress of the situation and the fear of what they may think of us, or what germs they might be carrying or what they may say about us, or whatever the fear is…let the fear hang outside of us, and instead invite in the idea that we are so very blessed to have a community around us, people to call friends, to be in great enough health to be active in society, to breathe and experience the moments and memories in the making.  Let us remember that energy flows where our focus goes. Let’s choose wisely.

Xo Juli


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