May 15, 2023

May 15, 2023 Release Expectations

As we approach Summer Solstice, this is a perfect time to check in on those New Year’s resolutions, goals, intentions and Power Words that we set for ourselves. By now, over 80% of people who started the year strong with intentions, have long since forgotten them. In a world where we have quick fixes, instant gratification, instant access to information, products and services, we tend to lose interest in our goals pretty quickly especially when they require work.  No lasting change happens in an instant.  True change is generative, gradual and takes time to integrate into our lives. Resolutions like expectations need space to root, need light to grow, need energy to blossom and bloom and time to reach harvest to reap the rewards. For those who have been diligent with their goals, we are at the blossom and bloom phase and moving toward harvest…For our intentions to work we must continue to take 100% responsibility for ourselves and how we are showing up in the world, we must put the time and effort in and yet, at the same time, we need to let go. It is a delicate balance of pushing ourselves and allowing life to happen. If we get caught up in the control of our growth, we will stunt ourselves. Trust is an important element of our success.

This week, we are encouraged to trade our expectations for appreciation. Let us remain dedicated to our goals but let us also be appreciative of the journey enjoying ourselves along the way.  If it is all work and no play or all work and no celebration, what’s the point? Let’s be honest, it feels too damn good working towards our heart’s desires to give up now. Stay strong. Stay dedicated. Stay grateful.

It’s a balancing act. Hold the intention, surrender the expectation. Be in the flow. And trust.


Xo Juli

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