May 13, 2024

May 13, 2024 Reflection

It is easy to get swallowed up in the mind. Too much reflection has us dwelling in the past. Not enough reflection can have us living in denial.  Many of us live on autopilot – disconnected from our Spirit and tangled up in the busyness of life.  Sometimes the best thing we can do is take a breath, step back and look at the bigger picture of our lives.  To see where we have come from, to notice our growth and what has changed for better or for worse.  Granted, that doesn’t always mean that we will feel good about where we are, but in order to pivot and adapt and find our path again we must reflect.  I call this process Admission Medicine. Recognizing and accepting what is and then CHOOSING what to DO with it and how to BE with it.

In this reflection time, we may notice things that we are proud of and things that we aren’t.  Things we’ve compromised or settled for – red flags we may have overlooked. We may notice how we have chosen to spend our energy – did we invest it well? We may observe strengths and blessings that were crucial to bring us to NOW. What have we rushed through, what have we celebrated? When we pause for short reflection we are able to see just how intricate life is and why ALL of it is necessary to our growth and evolvement.  How all of our yesterdays have impacted our today. Therein lies our wisdom AND our blessings.

This week we are encouraged to reflect. To remember. And be grateful not only for the journey but all the relationships, stepping stones and lessons along the way. 

XO Juli


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