May 11, 2020

May 11, 2020 Messages from the Universe Cards

“I need not worry about difficulties as I realize that they are opportunities for me to grow in love and wisdom.  I accept what is.  I follow my intuition and I step into action without delay.  Wonderful and unexpected solutions appear to me, and I bring my personal contribution to the world with enthusiasm and joy.”
Sometimes, when we are faced with difficulties, uncertainties, hardships and unexpected times, we can feel bogged down by the intricacies of life.  While this is a natural human reaction, we also have the power within to change our perspective on how we choose to view the situations we find ourselves in.  Life happens, lessons are learned and we have the ability to accept things just as they are.  When we resist the “is-ness” of life, we generate more stress in our bodies and in our outer world.  Resistance is the root of happiness in a lot of cases.  This week we are being challenged with the question, “what are we resisting?”  When we start to shift our awareness to accepting that life is how it is right now, we open ourselves up to guidance, to growth and to more happy.  Let’s start a movement away from worry by shifting our thoughts to move toward joy. Remember, worry is found in the past or the future BUT our “is-ness” is only found in the present moment; practicing gratitude, exercising, walking in nature, journaling, affirmations and earthing are all great ways to help us anchor in the here and now.

Xo Juli

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