March 9, 2020

March 9, 2020 Miracle Cards by Marianne Williamson

Behaving Better

“However you behaved yesterday, behave a little better today.”

It is easy to fall in to comfortable, predictable and routine lives. When we cycle in the pattern of predictability we leave little room for growth and expansion. We didn’t come to earth to be the same version of ourselves from start to finish. We came to evolve. We came to change the world and we change ourselves in the process. What is important is that we allow enough room for flexibility in life so that we can seize new opportunities, help when and where it is needed and have the insight when shifts need to be made in our relationships. We can resist all we like, wear ourselves thin and burn ourselves out as we fight against change and growth, but wouldn’t it be easier just to embrace the inevitable? This week we are encouraged to watch our behaviours and patterns and allow for change, allow for growth and welcome in opportunities as they present themselves. Let’s grow together. Let’s make a difference together. Let’s do a little better today than yesterday. And then let’s do a little better tomorrow than today. We are in this together!


Xo Juli

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